High School and College Students

Undergraduate Interns (Mostly through the REU-like programs that were run by CMOP and EBS)

  • Elizabeth Lawrence, Pacific University (Chemistry), Summer 2019.
  • Christina Choi, Gonzaga University (Chemistry), Winter 2019.
  • Kei Inoue, Lewis & Clark College (Chemistry), Summer-Fall 2018.
  • Nick Slenning, Pacific University (Chemistry), Summer 2017.
  • Nancy Nguyen, Pacific University (Chemistry), Summer 2017.
  • Eric Sauer, Lewis & Clark College (Chemistry), Summer 2017.
  • David Panfilov, Pacific University (Chemistry), Summer 2016.
  • Maya Navarro, DePaul University (Chemistry), Summer 2015.
  • Lauren Tetzloff, Oregon State University (Environmental Engineering), Summer 2015.
  • Molly Lyon, Lewis & Clark College (Chemistry), Spring 2015.
  • Stuart Ness, Arizona State University (Chemical Engineering), Summer 2014.
  • Adrian Hinkle, Oregon State University (Environmental Engineering), Summer 2014.
  • Vu Duong, Williams College (Chemistry), Summer 2013.
  • Hayley Johnston, Lewis & Clark College (Chemistry), Summer 2013.
  • Marc Donnelly, Colorado School of Mines (Chemistry), Summer 2012.
  • Julia Ritchie, Scripps College (Chemistry), Summer 2012.
  • Ashley Anhalt, University of Arizona (Engineering, Mathematics), Summer 2011.
  • Doug Meisenheimer, Oregon State University (Environmental Engineering), Summer 2011.
  • Danielle Miles, Willamette University (Chemistry), Summer 2010.
  • Paul Lim, Cornell University (Chemistry and Economics), Summer 2010.
  • Evan Jackson, Willamette University (Chemistry), Summer 2009.
  • Peter Langren, Whitworth College (Chemistry), Summer 2009.
  • Lauren Vice, Willamette University (Chemistry), Summer 2008.
  • Shu Feng, University of Washington (Bioengineering), Summer 2008.

High School (Mostly through the Saturday Academy's Apprenticeships in Science and Engineering (ASE Program)

  • Summer 2020: COVID-19 forced ASE and OHSU to shut-down all internship programs during the summer of 2020. So, we hosted a Virtual Reading Group on Environmental Chemistry for all 12 of the applicants for our ASE positions, and a few others by invitation.
  • Julia Ferrante, Saint Mary's Academy, Summer 2020.
  • Maueve Eynard, Saint Mary's Academy, Summer 2020.
  • Eliza Lawrence, Saint Mary's Academy, Spring 2019.
  • Nicholas Payton, McMinnville H.S., Summer 2019.
  • Christin Brethower, Yamhill-Carlton H.S., Summer 2019.
  • Zoe Luderman, Columbia River H.S., Summer 2018.
  • Angela Xie, Sunset H.S., Summer 2018.
  • Elise Anderson, Cleveland H.S., Summer 2017.
  • Bamboo Trinh, St. Mary's Academy, Summer 2017.
  • Sarah Kwartler, Lake Oswego H.S. student, Summer 2016.
  • Andrea Russell, West Linn H.S. student, Summer 2016.
  • Maria Fuentes Deonate, Centennial H.S. student, Summer 2015.
  • Alexandra Tracy, Oregon Episcopal School. student, Summer 2015.
  • Rachel Meeuwsen, Century H.S. student, Summer 2014.
  • Hyejin (Ginny) Jeong, Clackamas H.S. student, Summer 2014.
  • Jean-Paul Wallis, Lake Oswego H.S. student, Summer 2013.
  • Raichle Dunkeld, Tigard H.S. student, Summer 2012.
  • Jake Fishman, Lincoln H.S. student, Summer 2011.
  • Ruby Taylor, Lake Oswego H.S. student, Summer 2011.
  • Katherine Murphy, Tigard H.S. student, Summer 2010.
  • Allison Forrest, Lakeridge H.S. student, Summer 2010.
  • Jingxian Zhang, Westview H.S. student, Summer 2010.
  • Tanner DeVoe, Lincoln H.S. student, Summer 2009.
  • Avilash Cramer, West Linn H.S. student, Summer 2009.
  • Jingxian Zhang, Westview H.S. student, Summer 2009.
  • Peter Landgren, Westview H.S. student, Summer 2008.
  • TaeWon (Paul) Lim, Southridge H.S. student, Summer 2007.
  • Jason Lou, Lakeridge H.S. student, Summer 2007.
  • Kahlie Langley, West Salem H.S. student, Summer 2006.
  • Ferris Zhang, Westview H.S. student, Summer 2005.
  • Desiree Miller, H.S. student, Summer 2004.
  • Benjamin Scholl, Glencoe H.S. student, Summer 2003.
  • Rosa Po, Southridge H.S. student, Summer 2002.
  • Elaine Huang, Westview H.S. student, Summer 2001.
  • Patrica Jou, Lakeridge H.S. student, Summer 2000.
  • Carolyn Feik, Westview H.S. student, Summer 1999.
  • Daniel Yoo, Westview H.S. student, Summer 1998.
  • Lauren AlLee, Westview H.S. student, Summer 1998.
  • Megan Kennedy, Century H.S. student, Summer 1998.
  • Kelsy Taylor, H.S., West Linn H.S. student, Summer 1997.
  • Dorota Romanowski, Hillsboro H.S. student, Summer 1996.
  • Jimmy Tuck-Lee, Jesuit H.S. student, Summer 1995.
  • Alia Schattauer, Aloha H.S. student, Summer 1994.
  • Kris Johnson, Lakeridge H.S. student, Summer 1993.

Dreyfus Foundation, Environmental Postdoctoral Fellowship Program, Undergraduate Assistants

  • Jacob Spandelow, Case Western Reserve University (Chemical Engineering), Summer 2000.
  • Kate Hoffmann, Smith College (Chemistry), Summer 1999.

High School and College Teachers

Murdock Trust, Partners-In-Science Program

  • John Hartford, Westview H.S. teacher, Summer 2002.
  • Brad Henegar, Banks H.S. teacher, Summer 1998 and 1999.
  • Linda Feik, Westview H.S. teacher, Summer 1996 and 1997.

ASM-NSF Scientist-Educator Team Fellow

  • Peter Colverson, Summer 1992. Science Instructor, Mohawk Valley Community College, Utica, NY


MERL was an educational CD-ROM that presented chemical concepts embedded in a story of environmental technology development. The story involves accidental discovery, proof-of-concept, commercialization, and acceptance of a new remediation technique involving scrap iron. The science associated with this new technology is multidisciplinary, and includes aspects of chemistry, geology, materials science, and engineering. Selected topics from each discipline are presented as part of modules on contaminant hydrology, environmental chemistry, corrosion engineering, etc. The material is presented in a way that adapts to the level and needs of students and teachers.

Development of MERL was funded by the Dreyfus Foundation, and with additional support from ETI and other sponsors, we printed and distributed (for free) over 2000 copies. In 2019, we made MERL into a video, which now is available on YouTube.